Cypress ranges ready for download

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Cypress ranges ready for download

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In our continuing effort to make as many parts available for immediate download as possible, many ranges of Cypress Semiconductor parts have been added to our database this week.

The following ranges and series have been added:

CY8C20xx0, CY8C20xx1, CY8C20xx4, CY8C20xx6A_S, CY8C20xx7, CY8C21x34, CY8C32xx, CY8C34xx, CY8C36XX, CY8C38XX, CY8C40xx Family, CY8C41xx Family, CY8C42xx Family, CY8C52LP Family, CY8C54LP Family, CY8C56LP Family, CY8C58LP Family, CY8CMBR2016, CY8CMBR3xxx, CYBL1xx7x Family, PSoC 40xx S, PSoC 4100S Device Family, PSoC 41xxM, PSoC 4200-L, PSoC 42xxM, PSoC 4xx8_BLE, PSoC CY8C4Axx FAMILY.

You can download the footprints and schematics instantly in to your design by heading to