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supplyframe partners with quadcept

Quadcept partners with SamacSys, in an effort to enhance customer user experience

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We are excited to announce the recent partnership between SamacSys and popular cloud-based CAD system Quadcept. This latest collaboration took place on 10th January 2021. Quadcept users will have access to milions of ECAD models, footprints and symbols due to the newly incorporated SamacSys functionality within their software. Quadcept wanted their users to have more

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Professional partnership takes place between SamacSys and Micro Crystal

We are pleased to announce new partnership between SamacSys and Micro Crystal which took place on 10th December 2020. This new partnership will allow Micro Crystal users access to the whole library of ECAD models for use with their products. You can learn more about our PCB parts libraries here.

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Alex MacDougall sitting at a desk

Wevolver Sat Down With SamacSys CEO, Alex MacDougall

SamacSys CEO, Alex MacDougall recently sat down with Wevolver to reflect on launching a global company that offers a free service to engineers and shared his thoughts on future trends and predictions for the electronics industry.  Alex talks about his journey from becoming the youngest person in Europe to complete the IPC CID certification to

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