SamacSys – What do we do?

SamacSys – What do we do?

SamacSys are the world’s leading provider of 2D and 3D CAD models for the electronics industry.

The short version!

If you were to open up your mobile phone, or any modern piece of technology, you’d find a circuit board packed full with electronic components.

When a circuit board is designed in software, exact models of every single component are required.  These models perfectly represent the actual components in every way – their functions, their connections and their physical dimensions.

With over 20 Million components available today, and millions more new parts being introduced every year, finding and obtaining the correct models has become very challenging.

SamacSys are the world’s leading supplier of electronic component models, providing engineers with a universal, trusted and simple solution to this challenge, for FREE.

The SamacSys model platform has been integrated with all leading software design tools, making it the most convenient and comprehensive solution available for today, and tomorrow.

The longer more techy version!

If you were to open up your mobile phone and examine the technology inside you’d find a printed circuit board, or PCB.  This is a small board packed full of electronic components, all connected into a circuit. There are hundreds of individual components that make up the circuit, and the PCB is probably most easily described as the “brain” which runs your phone, with each component performing a different function for the brain.

The PCB is designed in software before it can be manufactured (CAD). Many different software packages are available to do this (a bit like software to edit photos or movies), but the raw ingredients that any electronic design software needs are models of all the components that have been chosen to make the circuit. SamacSys provides these models to engineers globally.

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This is where the challenge is… There are literally millions and millions of different electronic components available, each with different features and functions, each with different shapes and sizes, and each with its own unique model for using in software!  The model needs to describe the component exactly – perfectly representing its unique connectivity and its physical dimensions in both 2D and 3D.  Any errors in a model mean that the circuit may not work properly or fit together when the actual version is built.

What complicates this challenge even more is that every different design software package uses its own proprietary format for models, incompatible with the rest! So for the millions of components, different models formats are required for every part depending on the design software!



Fortunately, SamacSys have solved this challenge for the world!  SamacSys provide 2D and 3D models for the millions and millions of components in use today. SamacSys provide these models in formats for all the leading design software tools and what’s more, they’re FREE for engineers to use!  SamacSys have also made it really easy for engineers to create models for new components, where a model doesn’t already exist. And using the SamacSys platform, once a new model has been created, it’s made available for every engineer in the world to use. All our models are industry-compliant and checked to the highest quality standards.  Engineers can even choose to customise and keep their own versions of models if they choose to!


SamacSys have also made it as easy as possible to use our model: Working alongside all of the electronic design software companies, we have integrated our platform with their software so that selecting and importing models to use inside a design all happens in a single click!

This means that engineers can spend more time developing wonderful electronic products for the world, and less time managing vast libraries of component models!

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