Component 3D Models Free

Component 3D Models Free

Component 3D Models Free – Search here.

Component 3D Models Free from SamacSys to the engineering community around the world.

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Component 3D Models Free

We have all been there, searching the internet hoping to find the 3D models for the components in our PCB design.  Then, believing we have the right one we find it needs scaling and aligning to fit on the footprint, or worse still we can’t find one at all!

An inaccurate 3D model can cause significant project delays, and in some cases result in the re-design of the product enclosure and/or PCB assemblies.

Using SamacSys, at the point of the search results being returned, you know instantly if a 3D model is included for direct download and integration into your ECAD tool.

If the 3D model is not yet available for the component you wish to use, then our PCB Library Wizard will create it for you based on the entered or chosen package dimensions.

With the millions of different components and packages, with new ones arriving on the market daily, it is becoming harder and harder for engineers to find 3D models that they can trust to be right for their design.  SamacSys provide free accurate 3D models in a variety of formats, such as STEP and VRML, that will work for your chosen ECAD tool without the need to scale and align to the footprint.

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