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EAGLE Library Plugin – Getting started

Download the free EAGLE Plugin

EAGLE 9.1.0 or later

EAGLE 9.0.0 or earlier
EAGLE Library

IMPORTANT! In order for the libraries to be listed in the Plugin for selection, they must have a check against “Use” from the right mouse button menu in the Control Panel as illustrated below:

How to install on Windows

How to install on MAC OS and Linux
All required files can be found in the “MAC OS and Linux” folder of the downloaded zip file.
1. Copy samacsys.png to the “bin” folder under the EAGLE installation directory.
2. Copy json.inc to the “ulp” folder under the EAGLE installation directory.
3. Copy samacsys.ulp to the “ulp” folder under the EAGLE installation directory.
4. Select File->Open->Script… from the EAGLE Control Panel, and open “eagle.scr” from the “scr” folder.
Add the following line within the “MENU” sections of both “BRD:” and “SCH:”:
‘[bin/samacsys.png] SamacSys : Run samacsys.ulp;’\

Here is an example of how your eagle.scr file should look after the edits:


How to use our Plugin to search for and add parts to your EAGLE library.

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