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It’s almost time….! SamacSys soon to support Zuken CR-8000

As you may already know, SamacSys are the chosen library partner for Zuken. We are delighted to let you know that support for Zuken CR-8000 is almost ready….watch this space. Soon, CR-8000 users will be able to enjoy the time savings that SamacSys offer. Users will also be able to: Create their own schematics and

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Which Mentor Graphics ECAD tools does SamacSys already support?

SamacSys is the leading developer of software tools for creating and managing electronic component ECAD data. We are the market leader, therefore we’re always one step ahead of the competition, offering solutions that change and improve the way our customers can get things done. As an example, we support the full range of Mentor Graphics

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TraceParts adopt Samacsys PCB Library solutions

TraceParts – one of the world’s leading engineering content providers – has partnered with SamacSys, making a wide range of component footprints and schematics available to their users. TraceParts users will be able to download PCB Schematic Symbols & Footprints of electronic components from the TraceParts CAD platform in formats that are compatible with the

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Cypress ranges ready for download

In our continuing effort to make as many parts available for immediate download as possible, many ranges of Cypress Semiconductor parts have been added to our database this week. The following ranges and series have been added: CY8C20xx0, CY8C20xx1, CY8C20xx4, CY8C20xx6A_S, CY8C20xx7, CY8C21x34, CY8C32xx, CY8C34xx, CY8C36XX, CY8C38XX, CY8C40xx Family, CY8C41xx Family, CY8C42xx Family, CY8C52LP Family,

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Cadence OrCAD 17.2 now supported…

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‪Cadence/OrCAD 17.2 users, we have good news – we now support you! Download EPW to get started: http://www.samacsys.com/epw/

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eagle pcb footprint library

Eagle PCB Library – Overview Video

Eagle PCB libraries, free, high quality, easy to use… Get started at: https://eagle.componentsearchengine.com

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KiCAD PCB footprints

KiCAD PCB library now supported by SamacSys

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‪KiCAD PCB library format is now supported by ComponentSearchEngine.com KiCAD PCB Library – Schematic Symbols and PCB Footprints can be downloaded and seamlessly inserted into the KiCAD users library KiCAD users have 3 options available to them from the http://ComponentSearchEngine.com 1. Download ready made symbols and footprints. Millions of parts available. 2. Fast Build with

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pcb footprint preview

Our new Footprint Previewer is LIVE!!!

SamacSys are delighted to announce their latest, game-changing innovation in the PCB design world. Our new online footprint previewer allows our customers to see & measure a component footprint before they download it in to their design. Users can turn on and off individual elements such as the silkscreen, pads and placement outline. This offer

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How SamacSys started…

Hear from our Managing Director in a recent interview with Sally Powell: Click Here – Words from Alex MacDougall

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ROHM MCR resistor PCB symbols now available

ROHM MCR Resistor PCB Symbols and footprints are now supported by SamacSys SamacSys, the world leader in ECAD Model delivery, are pleased to announce that the full range of ROHM MCR Resistor Chip PCB Symbols and PCB Footprints are now available to download for FREE. The ROHM MCR range comes in chip sizes of 0402, 0603, 1005, 1608,

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