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Pulsonix Library

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Pulsonix Library – Symbols | Footprints | 3D Models

 Pulsonix Library parts are now accessible through their Component Search Engine.


Pulsonix Library

Pulsonix Library parts are now accessible free through their Component Search Engine. In a recent interview with I-Connect007, Pulsonix representative, Ty Stephens explains how the Component Search Engine is allowing their users to design product move efficiently.  You can read the full interview in the January copy of Design007 Magazine (page 46).

The Pulsonix Component Search Engine is powered by SamacSys.

How to Use the Library

If you’re an Engineer using Pulsonix, check out the PCB Libraries for yourself at http://pulsonix.componentsearchengine.com/

About Pulsonix and WestDev Ltd

Owned by WestDev Ltd, since its introduction in 2001, the Pulsonix EDA product range has set the new standard in the electronics industry with easy-to-use and learn Schematic capture and PCB layout programs. At WestDev, we understand the need for the delivery of a highly productive technology suite and are proud to be able to offer the Pulsonix range.

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OEMsecrets partners with SamacSys

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We are delighted to announce that engineers are now able to download PCB libraries and schematic symbols/footprints for various ECAD tools directly from the OEMsecrets website.

Simply visit the OEMsecrets website at www.OEMsecrets.com, enter the part you wish to download in to the search box at the top and then click on the download button next to the part you wish to download. The PCB libraries will be quickly downloaded and can then be easily imported in to your ECAD tool.



About OEMsecrets

OEMsecrets started out in 2010 and established themselves as the first price comparison site in the electronics market. They now with hundreds of electronics distributors and manufacturers direct, listing over 20 million lines of electronic parts within the electronic components supply network.

By adopting our solutions for PCB libraries, OEMsecrets are able to better meet the needs of their customers.


About SamacSys

SamacSys is the leading developer of software tools for creating and managing electronic component ECAD data.

Our mission is to provide companies with a suite of software tools and high quality content to select, manage and distribute component information effectively throughout their organisations.

Our customers range from individual engineers to international brands who’s revenues run into the $billions. With thousands of customers in over in over 100 countries around the world, SamacSys is recognised as the global leader in Electronic Component software solutions.