I find your products very useful and efficient. Thank you very much!


( Engineer )

Other Testimonials

Your service has been extremely helpful recently as I'm working on a project for The University of Bath. I am currently designing a Battery Management System which utilises many components, for most of these the manufacturers do not provide PCB and Schematic layouts themselves, by producing these for me at just a request I am very close to completing the PCB ready for manufacture.

Alex Terry

( University of Bath )

Thank you very much, much appreciated! I’d like to say that I am so incredibly impressed with SamacSys component search engine, it’s completely revolutionised my electronic design process. It’s turned what was a dreaded chore of knowing that I’d have to manually design component symbols and footprints to an absolute pleasure. I came across the software a month or two ago (upon recommendation of DesignSpark PCB from a colleague, and finding their in-built ‘ModelSource’ function had been replaced by SamacSys Library Loader). Ever since, I’ve been using the system for a number of projects, and have recommended it to a number of friends / colleagues. I’m very appreciative of this service, and will be continuing to use for the foreseeable future.

Alec Owens

( Electronics Engineer )

I love the tools, and am glad that someone finally has taken this approach.

Pete Gardner

( MCR )

I was impressed at the fact your turn around time was literally minutes. I downloaded the part after I received the email that part was complete. This service will save us hours of making library parts. I am extremely impressed.

Joe Vartolone

( Lead Electrical Engineer )

Thank you for the prompt response. So far all required parts have been in your database so am very pleased with the service.

Simon Macdonald-Smith

( AEI )

Many thanks for your work. I requested 4 pieces yesterday and they are all available now; fast and effective response! Products and service very useful

Bran Alfeiran

( Artesis )

Many thanks for sending me these footprints. Your products and service are really exemplary!

Mr Petkos

( Electronics Engineer )

I find your tools amazingly powerful and valuable. Thank you for not only the tools, but your proactive support. I'm thoroughly impressed and recommend your product to other colleagues regularly.

Fred Palens

( Northrop )

I like the concept of your Library Solutions and I’ll use it a lot, it’s a big step forward. Thank you.

Gary Devlin

( DCA Extech )

Thank you. I find the service provided by SamacSys extremely useful and streamlines my work to no end. It is very easy to search and find a lot of the components that I would otherwise have to make myself, doing it manually has more risk of error as I am relatively new to the process, so I can use the components that I download with more confidence than I otherwise would.

Josh Bowen

( Electronic Engineer )

Thanks very much for your help, it is much appreciated. Your assistance in getting a solution has been better than with any of the previous similar services that I have used. I would certainly recommend the service to other users that I know. Thanks again and kind regards,

Dave Naish

( PCB Design Engineer )

First of all, thank you! Your products and service are very useful for me. I found it very efficient and the short time request is a plus. P.S.: Can I ask you why are you doing this for free? :)

Marian Vladianu

( EE )

This is great, especially the speed of your ECAD team. I mean i saw a footprint of a 100 pin MCU done in 20 minutes after the request. It's awesome from my point of view, because i use to do my component list then check the library for the components, then i start the schematic when i have all my components ready.

Babei Ilie

( Electronics Engineer )

I have just imported it into my Altium library and it worked a treat! I am SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED with your service. It's ready just a few hours after my request went in on a Sunday evening that's awesome! You have saved me a heap of time on a really urgent project. Rest assured I will be shouting the virtues of SamacSys to all my engineering contacts and DEFINITELY will be using you again. Just brilliant. :-))

Russell Johnson

( Hitomi Broadcast )

EPW is certainly going to be a great help to me as an engineer when I create a new Orcad symbol or PADS footprint – well done! I will spread the word to the other engineers here too. I was really impressed at the speed of the creation of the new part – I requested late Yesterday afternoon, and when I arrived at work this morning – it was done ! Wow !


( Adder )